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IMG_2679This blog will be about my struggles with my disorders, about treatments, temporary solutions as well as awareness for other disorders(both mental and physical) and how to deal with them. It’s about living life while not wanting it and learning to accept the things I cannot change about it all.

I suffer from recurrent Major Depressive Disorder, I suffer from Misophonia(a sound disorder) and I have anxiety(undiagnosed). I have had depression and anxiety since I was a toddler and Misophonia since before the age of ten.

Depression & anxiety: I was recently diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder, but I’ve had it for a grand chunk of my life. I have never been to therapy but recently started on Celexa. My depression has and always has had suicidal thoughts attached to it.

Misophonia or 4s(Selective Sound Sensitivity Syndrome): It is a relatively rare sound disorder that a person usually develops early in life. When a person hears a specific sound that is a “trigger” for them, they experience a fight-or-flight response. They can also feel rage, disgust, thoughts of suicide, thoughts of harming others, extreme bouts of sadness…among others. It can be a debilitating disorder because most of the sounds that are triggers are found in everyday life and can be almost unavoidable. There is no cure and no effective treatment yet available.


12 thoughts on “About Me/About Blog

  1. La Sabrosona

    Bienvenida to the blogosphere. There is a fantastic community here, especially mental health bloggers. I have learned so much here connecting with people on WordPress. I am intrigued by the Misophonia disorder. I’ve never heard of it, but I’d love to learn more. Abrazos, LS.

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  2. La Sabrosona

    I just started a blog event where I post something about change called ‘Metamorphosis Mondays’ every Monday and I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind doing a short interview for my blog tomorrow. If you have time, I can email you a few questions and post it as a Q & A on my blog tomorrow.

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  3. Hi my best friend Elyse has Misophonia. I know it is a difficult disorder to live with. I have Anxiety too. I don’t have Major Depression I Have Bipolar which means there are times I have Depression and other times highs. Nice blog. If you ever want to check out mine I write about my Health and Mental Illness and also write a lot of short stories. I’ve written 800 and horror is my favorite genre to write. Hope you are well!

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